Mobile Hammer Crusher

Mobile Hammer Crusher

The Mobile Hammer Crusher produced by our company is a tire-type mobile crushing plant mainly crushed by heavy hammer crusher or hammer crusher. Users who buy a

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The Mobile Hammer Crusher produced by our company is a tire-type Mobile crushing plant mainly crushed by heavy hammer crusher or hammer crusher. Users who buy a mobile station but are intimidated by the price offer another option. The heavy hammer crusher has a large crushing ratio, a simple structure, a relatively cheap price, and a wide range of applications, especially for the crushing of construction waste.

Applicable materials for Mobile Hammer Crusher

Construction waste, industrial slag, fly ash, concrete blocks, waste bricks, muck, limestone, river pebbles, cobblestones, bluestone, and other medium-hard materials with a compressive strength not exceeding 100MPa.

Mobile Hammer Crusher Structure Configuration

Mobile Hammer Crusher Structure Configuration

According to user needs, the Mobile Hammer Crusher can be flexibly configured, and the necessary materials include silo, vibrating feeder, heavy hammer crusher, multiple belt conveyors for feeding, returning and discharging, and vibrating screen; Optional auxiliary equipment such as trommel screen, horizontal screen, dryer, etc., can be flexibly designed and configured according to the different raw materials and discharges of users.

How Mobile Hammer Crusher Works

The working principle of Mobile Hammer Crusher is divided into the working principle of heavy hammer crusher and the working principle of Mobile Hammer Crushing Plant.

The single working principle of the hammer crusher is as follows: after the large stone enters the crushing cavity from the large feeding port of the hammer crusher, it is blocked by the material screening bracket while being hit by the hammer head, which not only reduces the material and The contact area of ​​the hammer head avoids sudden infarction of the trochanter. After the impact, the large pieces of material are knocked up in the crushing cavity to form self-strike. The stone overflows or falls into the cell from the straight sieve and is hit by the hammer again to form the stone, and finally unloaded from the arc plate. The mechanism of impact, the principle of impact crushing is fully utilized in the process of coarse material crushing, and the running speed of the material is increased, causing the materials to collide with each other, and improving the crushing effect. The content of needle flakes is small, so the mechanical strength of the pellets is high, and it is suitable for stone crushing in all industries such as high-grade highways and high-rise buildings.

The Mobile Hammer Crusher is a whole stone crushing and screening system. The working principle is: the bulk raw materials enter the silo and fall into the vibrating feeder, and the feeder uniformly and continuously sends the raw materials into the heavy hammer crusher for It is crushed and discharged from the discharge port to the belt conveyor at the interface. The conveyor sends the crushed materials to the vibrating screen or trommel screen for screening, and the materials that meet the particle size fall into the finished product conveyor and transfer to the corresponding finished product stacking area. , those that do not meet the particle size requirements continue to be sent to the heavy hammer crusher for re-crushing, so that the corresponding finished sand and gravel are cyclically crushed and screened.

Mobile Hammer Crusher performance characteristics

  • 1. High cost performance: The machine is designed for users by Bellian Machinery. The tire frame can be customized or used for recycling. The hammer crusher is the king of cost performance among many crushers. It can also be flexibly configured with a trommel screen Replacing the circular vibrating screen, the cost performance is very high.
  • 2. Wide range of application: heavy hammer mobile crushing station is widely used, often used in limestone sand making and construction waste crushing production lines, with large crushing ratio and high output, sand and gravel materials are formed at one time, stone particle size standard, polygons up to 95% Above, the amount of ineffective stone powder is low, reducing dust pollution.
  • 3. Easy operation and maintenance: The whole set of equipment is integrated on the frame, with compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, automatic control of feeding crushing and screening, and low requirements for workers' operating skills.
  • 4. Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with other mobile crushing stations, the energy consumption is more than 20% less energy-saving, and the on-site crushing of raw materials reduces dust pollution and meets relevant environmental protection requirements.

Mobile Hammer Crusher Price

When customers buy Mobile Hammer Crusher, in addition to paying attention to the performance and quality of Mobile Hammer Crusher itself, the price of Mobile Hammer Crusher is undoubtedly more concerned by customers, especially for Mobile Hammer Crusher, which is a device with many manufacturers. Be more careful to buy, after all, the price of a Mobile Hammer Crusher is not cheap. The price of Mobile Hammer Crusher is affected by many factors, such as equipment manufacturer, specifications, quality, region, market demand, etc. Different Mobile Hammer Crusher manufacturers have different product performance and quality, and the price is also different, so , When customers buy Mobile Hammer Crusher, they must buy it from a regular manufacturer, and you can consult us for the specific price.

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