Mobile Screening Plant

Mobile Screening Plant

Mobile Screening Plant can be used in quarry, mine, construction demolition debris treatment, topsoil treatment, material recycling, sand and gravel screening,

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Mobile screening plant can be used in quarry, mine, construction demolition debris treatment, topsoil treatment, material recycling, sand and gravel screening, coal mine and aggregate screening, etc.

Classification of Mobile Screening Plants

According to the type of screening material, the equipment is divided into raw material Mobile screening station and finished material Mobile screening station.
According to the driving method, it can be divided into Crawler Mobile Screening Plant and Wheeled Mobile Screening Station.

Crawler Mobile Screening Plant:

Crawler Mobile Screening Plant

Wheeled Mobile Screening Station:

Wheeled Mobile Screening Station

Application Scope of Mobile Screening Plant

The Mobile Screening Plant produced by our company has excellent design, and it has become a high-performance heavy-duty screening equipment that can be combined with the primary crusher and can be screened independently. The performance is stable and reliable, and the screen mesh is flexible. It has good performance in applications such as building demolition and recycling, surface soil stripping, material recycling, coal mine and aggregate screening. It is often used in aggregate screening and grading at the back end of crushing, and a specific type of screen can be selected according to customer needs to apply to different working conditions and material characteristics.

Crawler Mobile Screening Plant Performance Characteristics

  • 1. Feeder: variable speed belt feeder with a bandwidth of 1200mm; single-layer fixed grid screen (optional); double-layer vibrating grate screen (optional).
  • 2. Main belt conveyor: The ultra-wide main belt conveyor ensures the efficient use of the screen surface and ensures the output.
  • 3. Three-layer screen box: the screen surface area is 9.3 square meters, and the screening angle is adjustable to ensure the distribution of materials on the screen surface and improve the screening efficiency.
  • 4. Fine material belt conveyor: ultra-wide fine material belt conveyor ensures efficient conveying and no overflow.
  • 5. Large material belt conveyor: It can be folded hydraulically; the stacking height is increased and the number of transfers is reduced.
  • 6. Intermediate material belt conveyor: rollers are combined at different angles to prevent overflow; it can be folded hydraulically.
  • 7. Oversized material belt conveyor: 0-75° to form a cage-type crushing and screening production line; increase the stacking height and reduce the number of transfers.
  • 8. Track: Strong and durable track chassis, can work in harsh environment.
  • 9. Electric control system: double-layer cabinet and inspection door system, which can effectively protect against dust and moisture; imported vehicle controller and dialogue processing module control; high-level complete set of wiring harness production technology to ensure stable and long-lasting operation of the system; instructions with codes and icons Simplify equipment fault diagnosis; real-time monitoring of engine information is conducive to on-site maintenance and diagnosis.

Mobile crushing and screening plants offer high operating rates and operational flexibility. The Portable screening plant have high production capacity and adaptability. They can be combined with the Mobile jaw crusher produced by our company, or can be used alone as a classification and screening machine for three kinds of particle size aggregates. Conveyors of wheel loaders, excavators or crushers to feed the material. According to the different screening materials, the screening amount is 55-105t/h.

Application range of mobile crushing and screening station: suitable for various quarries and screening construction demolition waste, mining operations, etc.

Features of tire type mobile crushing and screening station

  • 1. Equipped with high-performance screening box;
  • 2. Automatic screening movement and adjustment to maximize screening efficiency;
  • 3. Strictly manage all operating units to improve product life and reliability;
  • 4. Features of low noise and low emission.

Support Customization

Model BLA3S1848 BLA3S1860 BLA3S2160
Transport Length(mm) 10280 11480 11480
Transport width(mm) 2830 2830 3150
Transport height (mm) 4350 4350 4350
Maximum length (mm) 11100 11800 11800
Maximum width (mm) 3600 3600 3970
Maximum height (mm) 6000 6000 6500
Weight (t) 16 18 19
tire configuration Parallel installation of double shafts Parallel installation of double shafts Parallel installation of double shafts
Vibrating screen model 3YZS1848 3YZS1860 3YZS2160

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