Portable Granite Crusher

Portable Granite Crusher

Portable granite crusher, also called Granite mobile Crusher, is an energy-saving and convenient mobile granite crushing equipment developed to reduce equipment

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Portable Granite Crusher, also called Granite mobile Crusher, is an energy-saving and convenient mobile granite crushing equipment developed to reduce equipment infrastructure costs and raw material transportation. The design of the equipment combines domestic and foreign sophisticated environmental protection equipment concepts. It is not only widely used in the crushing of granite, but also has great application value in the crushing of construction waste, stone and other materials. In short, the mobile granite crusher makes your crushing surprises constantly .

What types of portable granite crushers are there?

Mobile granite crushing equipment includes Mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, Mobile Impact Crusher and mobile VSI Sand Making Machine. The granite crushing process includes two stages: primary crushing and secondary crushing. Mobile jaw crushers are often used as primary crushers. The mobile jaw crusher is suitable for crushing granite into small particles due to its simple structure, high crushing rate, high production efficiency and low operating cost. Mobile cone crushers, mobile impact crushers or Mobile Vsi Crushers are commonly used as secondary and tertiary crushers.

Portable Granite Crusher, Granite mobile Crusher

What surprises do mobile granite crushers have in crushing?

1. On the configuration of the device

The configuration of the mobile granite crusher is different. During the operation, customers can choose the configuration of the equipment reasonably according to their actual production needs, so as to meet the crushing needs of the enterprise for granite in the operation, and the output is large and the crushing efficiency is high.

2. On the job site

Many crushing equipment have strict requirements on the site. Under this limitation, the manufacturer has to invest a lot of raw material transportation costs, while the mobile granite crusher has strong adaptability to the work site, not only can it walk on flat ground It can also walk on rough roads, and choosing a mobile granite crusher can allow companies to spend a lot less money on raw material transportation.

3. Mobility

General crushers are fixed, which limits the work site, and each movement takes a lot of time and expense, while the mobile granite crusher is a crushing equipment that can be moved at any time according to the needs of the site. It can make the production of enterprises more time-saving and labor-saving.

4. The price of equipment

The mobile granite crusher is equivalent to a crushing production line, which can realize the crushing and screening of granite, but the price of the mobile granite crusher is lower than the quotation of a crushing production line, which can not only save the user's total investment, but also use The mobile granite crusher is more flexible and convenient.

How Portable Granite Crusher Works

Portable Granite Crusher, Granite mobile Crusher

Granite crushing process: Granite raw materials are evenly transported to the mobile jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder for primary crushing. The crushed product is then sent to a mobile cone crusher or a mobile impact crusher for secondary crushing. If the requirements for the size of granite products are very high, add a mobile VSI sand making machine as a tertiary crusher.

Mobile jaw crushers use extrusion to crush granite. Mobile impact crushers use impact force to crush granite. In a mobile granite crusher, qualified granite particles are produced through two crushing stages. The mobile granite crushing equipment is not only used for crushing granite, but also crushing quartz, coal, limestone, sandstone and other stones.

Support Customization

Model BLA3S185GYS300 BLA3S216GYS400 BLA3S216HP300
Transport Length(mm) 14500 15000 16000
Transport width(mm) 3000 3000 4550
Transport height (mm) 4400 4500 4600
Maximum length (mm) 17000 16000 17000
Maximum width (mm) 3400 3900 6900
Maximum height (mm) 5800 6500 4700
Weight (t) 34.5 49.5 41
tire configuration Parallel installation of double shafts Parallel three-axis Parallel three-axis
cone crusher GYS300 GYS400 HP300
Outlet belt conveyor B650×15M×2 B800×15M×2 B800×15M×2
Return belt conveyor B650×14M B800×14M B800×16M
Finished belt conveyor B500×15M B800×6M B650×15M×2
under the vibrating screen B800×7M B800×8M B800×9M
Vibrating screen model 3YK1854 3YK2160 3YK2160

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