Sand Screening Plant

Sand Screening Plant

Welcome to Bellian Mining Machinery, a trusted provider of high-quality sand screening plants. Our sand screening plants are designed to efficiently separate and

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Welcome to Bellian Mining Machinery, a trusted provider of high-quality Sand Screening Plants. Our sand screening plants are designed to efficiently separate and classify sand particles of different sizes, ensuring a clean and uniform final product. With our advanced technology and reliable performance, we offer solutions for various industries, including construction, mining, and sand production.

Sand Screening Plant

Working principle:

Our sand screening plants employ a vibrating screen or dewatering screen to separate the sand particles based on their size. The sand is fed into the screening plant, and the vibrating screen or dewatering screen utilizes vibration or centrifugal force to separate the larger particles from the smaller ones. This results in a well-graded and uniform sand product, ready for further processing or use in various applications.

Sand Screening Plant


We offer a range of sand screening plants to suit different requirements and project sizes. Our product lineup includes stationary sand screening plants and Mobile Sand Screening Plants. Each type is designed to provide efficient and accurate screening of sand particles, allowing for improved productivity and quality control.


1. Efficient and accurate screening: Our sand screening plants are designed to achieve high screening efficiency and accurately separate sand particles of different sizes.
2. Versatility: Our screening plants can handle various types of sand, including natural sand, crushed stone, and gravel.
3. Customization options: We understand that different projects have unique requirements. Therefore, we offer customizable features, such as screen mesh size and deck configuration, to meet specific needs.
4. Durable construction: Our sand screening plants are built with robust materials to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining and construction industries, ensuring long-lasting performance.
5. User-friendly operation: Our screening plants are designed for easy operation and maintenance, maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Sand Screening Plant

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can the sand screening plants handle wet or sticky materials?
Yes, our sand screening plants are equipped with features such as dewatering screens that can effectively handle wet or sticky materials, ensuring efficient screening and improved sand quality.

2. Can the sand screening plants be used for recycling applications?
Yes, our sand screening plants can be used in recycling applications, such as separating and processing recycled concrete aggregates or reclaimed sand from construction and demolition waste.

Price advantage:

At Bellian Mining Machinery, we are committed to offering competitive prices for our sand screening plants. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and strive to provide high-quality equipment at affordable prices, ensuring the best value for our customers.

For more information about our sand screening plants, their technical specifications, and pricing details, please visit our website or contact our sales team. We are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient solutions for your sand screening needs.

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