Compound Crusher

Compound Crusher

Compound Crusher, also known as Combination Crusher, has efficient crushing ability for hard materials such as shale, glass, ceramics, bluestone, metal ores, es

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Compound Crusher, also known as Combination Crusher, has efficient crushing ability for hard materials such as shale, glass, ceramics, bluestone, metal ores, especially in the application of machine-made sand and stone materials and metal ores.

The crushing ratio of the compound crusher is large, and the maximum crushing ratio can reach the discharge particle size, which can be adjusted arbitrarily, and is not affected by the wear of the plate hammer and the lining plate; no screen bar setting, crushing materials with high moisture content and large mud content It is not easy to be blocked when it is used; the elastic adjustment mechanism is adopted, and the unbreakable objects can be automatically discharged without causing damage to the equipment; the bearings are arranged horizontally and have a long service life, which can crush materials with high temperature (such as cement clinker); the rotor body of this machine has a unique structure, When crushing materials, the rotor body is almost not worn; the rear cavity is provided with a screw rod or a hydraulic opening mechanism, and the wearing parts can be easily replaced without starting the main equipment.

Scope of application of compound crusher

Widely used in various ores, cement raw meal, clinker, refractory material, bauxite clinker, construction sand, iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, coal gangue, lump coal, emery, glass raw materials and other medium-hard materials. Medium and fine crushing areas. It is widely used in the crushing of mechanical construction sand, stone and various metallurgical slag. Compared with other types of crushers, it has high output and efficiency.

The composition of the compound crusher

The whole machine of the compound crusher is composed of a transmission device, a main shaft, a cylinder, an upper cover and a base. The motor drives the main shaft to rotate through a trapezoidal V-belt. The main shaft is equipped with a hammer head. Gravity falls, and the material is continuously crushed by a series of impacts of the high-speed rotating hammer, and then discharged from the lower discharge port.

The working principle of compound crusher

The material is added from the upper opening, falls into the crushing cavity, is hit by the high-speed rotating plate hammer, and is quickly thrown to the counter-attack plate. After the impact, it is rebounded to the hammer plate and hit again. Such high-frequency blows and counterattacks cause the materials to be gradually broken from large to small, and the smaller materials fall into the lower crushing cavity and are struck by the high-speed rotating dense hammers, repeating the upper crushing process. Due to the small cavity, shear stress is applied to part of the material between the hammer head and the toothed edge of the counterattack plate, milling is performed to accelerate the fine crushing of the material. At the same time, the hammer head drives the material to flow, and has a great grinding effect with each other, so that the material is further finely crushed until it is crushed into the required particle size.

Advantages of Compound Crusher

The compound crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, wide crushing water content and high water content. It is the most ideal for processing materials with high water content. The discharge particle size can be adjusted arbitrarily. Unbreakable objects can be automatically discharged into the body without causing damage to the equipment. The compound crusher has high production efficiency, unique structure, stable operation, low noise and convenient maintenance. The damaged parts can be easily replaced by opening the working compartment door.

  • (1) Simple and reasonable structure and low operating cost. Using the stone-on-stone principle, the wear and tear is small.
  • (2) High crushing rate and energy saving.
  • (3) It has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding.
  • (4) It is less affected by the moisture content of the material, and the moisture content can reach about 8%.
  • (5) The working noise is lower than 75 decibels (db level), and the dust pollution is less.
  • (6) It is suitable for crushing medium-hard and extra-hard materials.
  • (7) The product is cubic, with high bulk density and minimal iron pollution.
  • (8) The impeller self-lining wear is small and maintenance is convenient.

Compound Crusher Safe Operating Procedures

  • 1. Before starting the machine, check whether the warehouse door of the compound crusher body is closed tightly. When opening the warehouse door, the machine should be stopped steadily to prevent danger.
  • 2. The crusher must be started with no load, and the material can be cut and produced after the operation is normal.
  • 3. The feeding granularity should be in accordance with the specified requirements, and the equipment will be damaged if it is too large.
  • 4. If any abnormal phenomenon is found during the crushing process, stop the inspection and start production after troubleshooting.
  • 5. Regularly add lubricating oil to the rotating bearing parts.

Compound Crusher Repair and Maintenance


  • 1. The reliability and sensitivity of the automatic air pressure switch. The start and stop of the composite crusher is usually driven by the automatic air pressure switch (air pressure relay) to directly drive the AC contactor to automatically control the motor. Most of the pneumatic automatic switches use mechanical structures, which use springs to compress and release energy to operate the contacts. Perhaps it is the congenital deficiency of the automatic air pressure switch or the influence of different reasons such as improper adjustment and machine shock.
  • 2. The mechanical operation and electrical control of the compound crusher are relatively simple (especially the low-power type), generally a single unit works independently, in a situation where there is no professional operation, and the failure is not handled in time. Relatively speaking, the failure is repeated. The expansion rate increased.


First, make the correct choice when selecting the type of rotor bearing. Double row radial spherical roller bearing has the advantages of strong bearing capacity and good centering performance, so this kind of bearing is often used as the rotor bearing in the selection. In addition, the calculated life of the selected bearing should be 5000~10000h.

Compound Crusher, Combination Crusher

Second, to improve the stress condition of Compound Crusher bearings. The shock load acting on the bearing depends on the impulse acting on the rotor and the support compliance of the bearing seat. Increasing the support flexibility of the bearing seat will reduce the impact load acting on the bearing. To this end, we can add a rubber plate of appropriate thickness between the bearing seat and the support frame to improve the support flexibility of the bearing seat. Due to the addition of a rubber plate, the support flexibility is increased, so as to absorb a part of the vibration energy, improve the bearing condition, and achieve the purpose of extending the service life.

Compound Crusher Safety Precautions

  • 1. If the Compound Crusher has an emergency failure during operation, it can be stopped first. Do not drive forcibly until the fault is removed.
  • 2. If the electrical equipment fails, the electrical personnel should be exempted from responsibility.
  • 3. When you need to enter the Compound Crusher for internal inspection, you must first pull out the power switch and hang a sign for maintenance. Before the inspection, the material in the upper part of the machine should be cleaned to prevent it from falling and hurting people. Before the inspection is completed, the upper cover must be covered and the bolts must be tightened.
  • 4. All safety devices must be complete and firm. When the contact signal and communication equipment fail, the crusher cannot be started.

Model Motor Diameter(mm) Roller Length(mm) Main Shaft Rotation Speed (r/min) Feeding Size(mm) Discharging Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power Model Power(kw) Overall Dimension(mm)
800 650 800 1350 ≤50 0-5 5-15 4P 30 2200x860x1980
1000 800 850 970 ≤50 0-5 10-30 4P 55 2700x1160x2000
1250 1000 850 740 ≤50 0-5 20-60 4P 75 2800x1400x2730
1500 1250 1000 650 ≤50 0-5 110-132 4P 110 3100x1900x2300
1750 1560 1410 600 ≤50 0-5 40-100 4P 185-200 3350x2100x2800
2000 1740 1550 500 ≤50 0-5 80-200 4P 220-250 4100x2660x2670

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