Mobile Sand Maker

Mobile Sand Maker

The mobile sand making machine is also called the mobile stone shaping machine. In terms of frame shape, it is not much different from the mobile crushing stati

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The mobile Sand Making Machine is also called the mobile stone shaping machine. In terms of frame shape, it is not much different from the mobile crushing station. Further processing operations such as fine crushing or particle shaping of stone.

Aliases: Mobile Sand Maker, Portable Vsi Crusher, Mobile Vsi Crusher

Mobile sand making machine application materials:

Mobile sand making machines are often used to process river pebbles, limestone, granite, basalt, ore tailings, stone chips, etc.

Working principle of mobile sand making machine

Mobile Sand Maker, Portable Vsi Crusher, Mobile Vsi Crusher

When the mobile sand making machine is running, various crushing, screening and feeding equipment work in coordination, and the stone materials that meet the particle size requirements first enter the crusher for crushing and processing, and then screen after crushing. Only qualified materials can enter the sand making machine. Carry out sand making processing, and the qualified stone products can be discharged from the discharge device, and those that do not meet the standard are returned to the sand making machine to continue the sand processing work until the particle size meets the requirements.

What are the advantages of crawler mobile sand making machine

  • 1. Coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, different crushing degrees can be selected according to needs.
  • 2. The daily processing capacity is large, the daily operating rate is high, and there are many models and specifications.
  • 3. The mobile sand making machine adopts all-wheel drive, and the crawler does not hurt the road surface.
  • 4. It can be sieved first and then crushed, or it can be crushed and then sieved. The specific choice of several stages of crushing and screening systems depends on the processing requirements. Wholesale of large mobile sand making equipment.
  • 5. Low transportation cost, flexible production, flexible combination and strong adaptability.
  • 6. A variety of equipment combinations, strong integration, large processing capacity and high operating efficiency, bring considerable benefits to users;
  • 7. It is highly maneuverable and can walk on rough roads. And not limited by the environment, the operation area is more flexible;
  • 8. The multi-function equipment has a high degree of automation, saving time and effort, and at the same time saving a large part of the investment cost;
  • 9. The material crushing and sand making effect is good, there are few failures in operation, and the energy consumption is also very low, which can save 30,000-50,000 yuan of investment cost per year;
  • 10. Equipped with high-end dust collector, without any dust and dust noise, to achieve green production and create a good production environment for employees;
  • 11. Reduce transportation costs, and realize on-site operations without the need to move materials in advance. Small mobile sand making machine is recommended.

Advantages of vehicle-mounted mobile sand making machine

1. Easy installation and strong flexibility

All parts of the mobile sand making machine are installed on the vehicle, which can not only eliminate the complicated site infrastructure installation work of the split components, reduce the consumption of materials and man-hours, but also greatly improve the flexibility of equipment transfer.

2. To meet your diversified, high-quality, high-yield needs

The mobile sand making machine is more flexible in proportioning and grouping, and can provide more flexible process configuration according to different material types and product requirements, so as to meet the diversified production needs of users.

3. Strong transition mobility, reducing costs

The mobile sand making machine has strong mobility, can go with the vehicle, and can move forward in time with the mining progress, which reduces the input of material handling costs.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

The selection of various dust-proof devices can help achieve the green and environmentally friendly production goals of the mobile sand making machine, and create a beautiful production environment for the staff.

mobile sand making machine price

Compared with the traditional fixed sand making machine, the market price of this new type of mobile sand making machine is definitely higher. How much higher? Due to the influence of various factors such as model selection, configuration, quality, manufacturer, market, etc., specific quotations need to be consulted with specific equipment manufacturers in detail.

With the development of technology and the improvement of social needs, mobile sand making machines have also begun to develop from a single tire-type mobile sand making machine to a mobile sand making machine with two operating modes of tires and crawler. Movement, crawler-type self-propelled movement, strong climbing ability, and its application range is wider, correspondingly because of its high cost, so usually the tire-type mobile sand making machine is more favorable than the crawler-type mobile sand making machine . If you need it, please feel free to consult online at any time!

Support Customization

model BLA3S1848V08 BLA3S1860V09 BLA3S2160V103
Transport Length(mm) 13500 15600 15600
Transport width(mm) 2830 2830 3100
Transport height (mm) 4350 4350 4480
Maximum length (mm) 14650 16300 16300
Maximum width (mm) 3900 3900 3900
Maximum height (mm) 5980 6400 6550
Weight (t) 31 36 49
tire configuration Parallel installation of double shafts Parallel installation of double shafts Parallel three-axis
sand making machine HVI0815 HVI0922 HVI1032
Outlet belt conveyor B800×2.2M B800×2.5M B1000×2.5M
Under the screen belt conveyor B800×7M B800×8M B1000×8M
Vibrating screen model 3YZS1848 3YZS1860 3YZS2160

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