Turkey's large-scale shipborne sand and gravel plant_Water sand making prod

Processing material: pebbleproduction capacity: 600t/hfinished product specification: 0-5mm machine sand Customer feedbackBellian technicians designed for us a

Processing material: pebble

production capacity: 600t/h

finished product specification: 0-5mm machine sand


Customer feedback

Bellian technicians designed for us a shipboard sand and gravel plant, which can move freely and flexibly, which solves the problem of land and water transfer of materials and saves us a lot of transportation costs. From equipment selection, scheme design, installation and commissioning, and then to operation guidance, the whole process is completed in one go, the production line runs stably after it is put into production, the finished machine sand has excellent quality, high output value, large profit margin, and is very satisfied!
Bellian customers
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  • Project Introduction
  • Core equipment
  • Project advantages

Project Introduction

Turkey is a major province of water transportation, water transportation is an important part, considering that pebble raw materials are transported by water, and then transferred to land is time-consuming, laborious and costly, Bellian's technicians consulted previous cases, referred to the technology of water construction, and designed a feasible large-scale shipborne sand and gravel plant plan for Yang.

Bellian engineers quickly installed and commissioned the equipment, the large-scale shipborne sand and gravel plant was put into trial operation as scheduled, the production capacity reached 600 tons per hour, if the equipment works for 12 hours a day, it can produce 7200,100 tons of machine sand a day, according to the conservative market price of 72 yuan / ton, the daily output value is as high as <>,<> yuan, and the profit margin is very large.

Equipment configuration list of water sand making production line

The water sand making production line adopts the production process of multi-crushing and multi-sieving (two-stage crushing + two-stage screening), so that the pebble material is fully crushed, and the processed machine sand finished product has high hardness, good particle shape and low powder content, which can reach the I. grade fine machine sand standard.

Device name Model quantity
Feeder GZD-1500×3600 1 unit
Single cylinder cone crusher SC250S 2 unit
Sand Making Machine VSI 0818 4 unit
vibrating screen 3YK2460 2 unit
Belt conveyor —— Several


Core equipment

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

Hydraulic cone crusher adopts extrusion crushing principle, strong crushing capacity, high production efficiency, hydraulic cylinder with iron protection, cavity cleaning, automatic lubrication and other advanced functions, low energy consumption, easy maintenance.

HVI sand making machine:

HVI sand making machine deep cavity impeller design, high production efficiency, both sand making and shaping dual functions, machine sand grain shape is good; The discharge port is freely adjusted to produce high-quality machined sand of various specifications; The internal automatic circulation of the vortex cavity has strong sealing, dust does not overflow, and the production process is more green and environmentally friendly.

Project advantages

  • 1. Free movement, convenient production, cost saving

    "Come on the water, walk on the water", do not occupy land resources, materials do not need to be transferred multiple times, save transportation costs, can go to the adjacent raw materials or finished products sales area production, control production costs.

  • 2. Green production, energy conservation and environmental protection

    The processing equipment has strong sealing, does not produce dust, the conveyor belt is installed with a dust cover to prevent dust overflow in the material transfer link, and the equipment adopts energy-saving motor, which not only ensures production efficiency, but also saves electricity and fuel.

  • 3. Promote the economic development of areas with developed water systems

    New production models to solve the problem of land and water transshipment; The formation of an integrated industrial chain of mechanical sand, concrete and port construction is a new business opportunity to promote the economic development of water transport areas.

Henan Bellian is a professional production of sand making equipment manufacturers, decades of development, advanced production technology, reliable equipment quality, factory direct sales price is more affordable, can provide water sand making production line EPC project general contracting services, let you build a factory more worry-free, welcome to the factory site visit, we are located in: Henan Province Zhengzhou High-tech Zone.


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