Poland produces 500-600 tons of limestone crushing production line

Raw material hardness: softFeed size: ≤700mmFinished product specification: 0-5-10-20-30mm Customer feedbackSince the project was put into operation, it has

Raw material hardness: soft

Feed size: ≤700mm

Finished product specification: 0-5-10-20-30mm


Customer feedback

Since the project was put into operation, it has been 2 years, and the production line has been running stably, and at the same time has reached the green and environmentally friendly crushing standards. In addition, from equipment selection, to scheme (site) design, to equipment transportation and installation, to operation guidance, to the later equipment maintenance, maintenance, etc., the whole process is completed in one go, so that our stone factory is easier to get on the right track, step into a stable production rhythm, thanks to Bellian machines, for our sand plant profitability to make unremitting efforts.
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Project background

Poland has rich natural mineral resources, of which limestone ore reserves are also very high, rich ore resources, driving the development of the local economy, as one of the main raw materials of mechanical sand, limestone, the profit is very good, attracting sand and gravel producers everywhere, distributed hundreds of limestone crushing plants.

Mr. Zhang's stone factory was established on 2017 March 3 and has been in existence for 1 years. At the beginning of the purchase of equipment, the customer compared a number of mining equipment manufacturers, finally selected Henan Bellian machine, the Bellian brand strength was recognized, the use of 2 years, finally lived up to expectations, the output of 2-500 tons of limestone crushing production line for Mr. Zhang to create a lot of profits, let's take a detailed look.

Scheme design and configuration

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3), Mohs hardness is 3, rich in resources, raw ore grade can generally meet the requirements of various industrial sectors, generally using dry crushing process, while combining production demand, site, discharging and other situations, tailor-made design scheme, reduce customer investment costs.

Device configuration Model
Vibrating feeder ZSW600×150
Jaw crusher PE-1200×1500
Impact crusher PF-1320 (2 units)
vibrating screen 4YK3072 (2 units)
Conveyor Several


The original bulk stone passes through the silo, evenly fed by the vibrating feeder, and transported to the jaw crusher for crushing treatment, reaching 100-200mm, and then transported by the belt conveyor to the impact crusher for fine crushing, about 1-30mm, transported to the circular vibrating screen, graded according to the needs of users and friends, can not meet the finished particle size requirements by the conveyor belt to transmit back to the impact crusher, qualified stones are stored, or transported to the construction site by pickup truck.

Project advantages

  • 1. Adapt measures to local conditions and save space

    Professionals designed a two-stage crushing production line with the jaw crushing machine as the coarse crushing machine and the counterattack crushing as the medium and fine crushing according to local conditions, and reasonably designed the space layout of the production line, effectively reducing the land occupied by the production line and reducing the user's civil investment cost; At the same time, comprehensively consider the site problem, take advantage of the height difference of the site, flexibly arrange the equipment, optimize the design scheme, and play the four words of "according to local conditions" to the right time.

  • 2. Green environmental protection, less pollution

    It adopts dry production design, but the production line is equipped with environmental protection devices such as dust removal and sound attenuation, which effectively reduces dust, noise and other pollution, fully meets national environmental protection standards, easily passes the environmental impact assessment standards, and achieves a double harvest of economic and environmental benefits.

  • 3. The quality of the finished product is good, and the profit of the sand plant rolls in

    The sand and gravel production capacity is high, and the crushing efficiency is improved, the finished sand produced is good, the fineness mode is adjustable, the gradation is more reasonable, and it is recognized by downstream users, and the price in the market can reach an average price of 120 yuan / ton, and the profit of the sand plant is considerable.


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